Monday, September 12, 2011

Quick Update

So I went to the hospital today for bloodwork. Not gonna lie- I felt pretty crappy when I woke up this morning. I didn't want to get out of bed and I also felt really light-headed (to the point that I had to lay down in my hallway while waiting for the elevator to come in order to avoid fainting). Doctors say it's because my blood cell counts are so low...

Once we (me, mom and dad) got to the hospital, they took my blood and we talked to the doctors. I still felt  no-so-great after that but we couldn't go home because I needed a platelet transfusion. Once I settled down into a comfy reclining chair, I started to feel better. They gave me the platelets and other some other meds to make sure I didn't have any bad reactions to the transfusion. There was this really entertaining mother in the transfusion area that was obsessing over her teenage son who was getting some sort of treatment. For some reason, listening to her ask him if he needed help turning the light on in the bathroom cheered me up a lot. He was clearly very embarrassed by her and they whole situation was pretty funny.

As soon as I got all the platelets I needed, I went home and napped for like 3 hours which was great. I also tried doing some schoolwork. I managed to get through a good portion of some AP stat notes but I found it nearly impossible to make myself read the Illiad. Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow.

Nothing else new today... tomorrow I go to pick up a wig (fun stuff!!) and I'll probs post pictures and stuff of my hair (I haven't lost any yet! yay!)

Last thing- thank you thank you thank you to everyone who donated to the light the night walk! Please please please sign up to walk even if you don't want to make a donation! I'll post the link again HERE

I'm hanging in there! Thanks again for all of the love!
<3 Ella


  1. yo ell i think i gave dr. schiller the link.... awks...

  2. i got your blog link through your cousin, shani ebin, and i think you are absolutely amazing for staying so positive and optimistic throughout this whole endever.. there aren't many people who are as happy as you are even through just daily things, and ur entries make me smile :) keep up the great posts!!

  3. Wow u sound so strong!! I have no idea who u r I found this blog through Facebook but I'm going to keep u in mind when I daven! Its really cool to get to read ur blog ur giving strength to others!! I'm ganna be following u and waiting to hear updates! Ur in my prayers keep up the strength!!

  4. Thanks so much for your prayers and support!