Sunday, October 9, 2011


My best friends EVER

Hey guys! I really love my friends, but especially Stefanie, Claire, and Skylar (in no particular order). Seriously though, they are the best....EVER. Stefanie made us some DELICIOUS brownies, even though she doesn't know what a tablespoon is. JK but not really. Skylar will be on Broadway one out for her. Claire is the master at Brown who is smarter than everybody here. When did she get so smart? Anyway, they LOVE me, Ella, who wrote this blog post, SOO much so they came to visit me today and it was the best day EVER! Shout out to all my Kinder Ring homies (I wrote this...I promise. It's me, Ella)! 12533 in da house!


  1. 12533 <3 love you all!!!


  2. There is mad friendship love and spirit in the house


  3. Dear Ella
    Hoping you are well I admire your courage and your perserverance! Wishing you a full fast recovery. Upon receiving your email address I can send you some inspiring and uplifting sayings all the best Shalom! My email address is