Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Hospital Adventures

Today I went to the hospital- an event that I have become very accustomed to. I did the usual bloodwork and talking to the np (that's hospital lingo for nurse practitioner).

Side note- other fun hospital lingo: 
  • cbc: complete blood count
  • pdh: pediatric day hospital
  • msk: memorial sloan kettering
  • port: metaport (my central line)
  • access your port: stick a needle in your port
  • de-access your port: take a needle out of your port
there's probably more I just can't remember...

After my normal routine was done and I found out that I didn't need any transfusions but that my counts are still low and I'm still neutropenic (booo), dad and I had lunch. 

My new hospital adventure started when I went from the 9th floor (where the pdh is located) to the first floor to visit physical therapy and occupational therapy (which are conveniently located in the same place). The doctors recommended that I do both in order to build up my strength. The occupational therapist (named Laura) explained that her job was to make sure that I can do all of the daily things that I'm accustomed to doing without the side effects of my treatment and fatigue getting in the way. For example, I get tired very easily doing everyday tasks like showering, getting dressed, and making myself food. Laura's job is to make me stronger so that I can do those things like I used to be able to do them--- without getting tired. She gave me some simple arm, hand and back exercises to do at home and hopefully I'll be a little bit stronger every time I stronger every time I see her which, for now, is every other week. Physical therapy was pretty much the same thing, but for my leg strength and endurance. As I mentioned before, I get tired doing everything, so pt should build up my endurance. I also get leg pain, specifically in my knees a lot- I think from just walking around, so pt should also work towards making my legs stronger. I'm not sure what specific exercises they're gonna have me do yet. Today they just did some baseline tests on my strength and endurance. I'll go in for pt every week.
Overall, it was kinda fun and I'm excited to work to get my strength back. It's annoying being tired all the time and not being as strong as I used to be.

OK, so that was my adventure. Please comment and ask questions and tell me what to write about because I'm running out of material!!! :D

Thanks for reading!
Ella <3

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  1. Hi Ella - so glad that you wrote - we were starting to get worried about you!
    Here are a couple of questions for you:

    You write a lot about the medical stuff. Is it hard to write about the emotional stuff?

    Do you have any favorite things that help keep you smiling?

    Do you have lots of visitors?

    How are things going with school, friends, family, etc?

    Keep the faith Ella. We love you!

  2. It's amazing that this is you're still much stronger than i am <3

  3. hey ella its sporn from camp.. im rlly sorry to hear about the bad news but i hope u stay strong and fight through this! good luck and keep blogging so we know how everything goes :)

  4. Hey Ella it Akiva
    The link didn't work.
    Hope you feel better and get stronger f

  5. Ignore the link it doesn't go anywhere

  6. ELLA! I love you. this is great <3 keep it up girl! - dels

  7. hi ella its your cousin rafi,
    i hope your feeling much stronger with the pt...
    is it hard work for you to do the exercises???
    btw we were in israel for sukkot and i prayed for you at the kotel.
    love you and feel better