Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Summer

Dear Family, Friends and Colleagues,

Although we are long overdue for a posting, let's agree it's been worth the wait – as we only have good news to report!

Ella’s treatment continues and her doctors and nurses are happy with her progress.  In early March, she began attending a few classes back at school for the final trimester of her senior year.  Spring arrived, and with it, the dark clouds of winter started to dissipate.  In addition to returning to school (and almost more importantly), Ella was able to regain some semblance of her normal life, being with friends and just hanging out.   Classes ended in mid-May, and since then it’s been non-stop senior class celebrations.  

Six months ago, it was so hard for any of us to imagine Ella attending her senior prom – but on June 8th, she did just that - and she looked stunningly beautiful!   Graduation on June 13th was a truly wonderful day for all of us - Ella and Noah received their diplomas with the usual pomp and circumstance, and our hearts were filled with emotion and pride. It was a great day we were happy to share with our moms and Amy’s sisters.

Noah and Maia continue to be really great – with equal parts love and care and typical sibling squabbling.  Maia is taking a physics class in June/July and then is off on a 10-day adventure in Costa Rica before entering junior year in high school this fall.  Noah is working as a camp counselor this summer and is looking forward to beginning his next four years at Johns Hopkins in Aug.   Ella is working part time a few hours a week, while still undergoing treatment 5-7 times per month.   

She’ll complete year 1 of intensive treatment in Sept/Oct and will progress to maintenance treatment for another year.  Ella is counting the days between now and the end of Aug when she joins the class of 2016 at Barnard College. 

We hope you will enjoy the pictures and share in our happiness.  We are so tremendously proud of them all!  Happy, and proud, and looking towards the future.

Till the next update, we send our love and gratitude.

Amy and Dave

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