Saturday, September 17, 2011

Woohoo Questions!!

Thanks so much to anonymous for all of these questions. I will try to answer them to the best of my ability!

Do you feel physically sick other than being tired? Or is it all an internal thing? 
Sometimes I feel physically sick but that's rare and sleeping almost always makes that go away. The tired thing is the worst part.

How did your siblings and friends react when they heard?
My siblings and friends were obviously shocked and upset when I told them. I can't speak for them but I know they must have wanted to immediately help in whatever way they could. I also think they worry about me especially because I'm not the best at talking about my emotions.

Did you do any sports previously and are you not allowed to do them anymore?
I was never an athlete so thats not really an issue :) but the doctors do encourage me to get a reasonable amount of activity every day, even if that just means taking a walk around the block. It's also really whatever I feel I can handle that day.

Are your siblings' lives any different now, and how?
Again, I don't want to speak for Noah and Maia, but I would say that their lives are different now than they used to be. I think they're both put under the pressure of assuring friends at school that I'm okay and I think they're both now trying to help me stay strong and get my message out to school. They're also both definitely trying to be proactive and raise awareness about Leukemia. I also think they worry about me a lot more than they used to which is a big burden and I wish they wouldn't.

When you basically stay home all day, are you bored? Does someone stay home with you (parents missing work?) or are you by yourself?
I get bored at home sometimes. Netflix and TV and sleeping help a lot. I also have college apps and schoolwork to stress me out if I'm ever bored :) My mom stays home with me (she has a bunch of unused vacation days that she's using until she figures out how she can come up with some more permanent time off). My dad's work schedule is pretty flexible, so he tries to plan his hours around our scheduled hospital visits and he stays home if he can. 

Is the no-bacteria thing because your cancer is weakening your immune system, or is it the treatment that makes you more sensitive?
The no-bacteria thing is a mixture of the cancer and the chemo weakening my immune system. 

Do you and Maia still share a room?
Haha, Maia and I do not still share a room and haven't for about two years :) 

Had you already started school when you found out you had cancer, or when you had to start missing school?
I found out I had cancer about a week before school started so I never actually went to an class but as I said before I take some classes from home. 

I really appreciate your interest and your willingness to ask questions. I think I'll usually feel comfortable answering pretty much anything so feel free to ask away! Let me know if I was unclear or missed anything! Thanks again and again for the support :)

<3 Ella


  1. hi ella,

    I truly have never heard a more inspiring story and, with your permission, I would like to post the link to your blog around the web to raise awareness and spread your amazing story.

  2. Anonymous: Please do! My goal is for everyone to become aware and get inspired!

  3. Why do so many people post anonymously...

  4. Is there anything we at HM can do? We all miss you :)

  5. Haha, ANONYMOUS, I don't know why so many people post anonymously but I wish they wouldn't :D

    People at HM should sign up to walk in the night the light event! The cancer awareness club at school should be sending everyone more information about it at the SBP assembly and at the clubs fair so keep a look out for that! I miss everyone too!!!!!

  6. It makes me really sad that life threw this shit at you because you seem totally undeserving of a bad thing. I know you'll stay positive and you're attitude amazes me. Good luck with everything stay strong, let us know what we, at HM, can do.

  7. You shouldn't be that sad- life throws shit at everyone every day and I'm doing my best to deal with it with a positive attitude. I understand your frustration though so thank you! <3 I will continue to stay strong :)

  8. Ella, your blog just inspired an almost-stranger. I'm sure it will inspire many, many people. May your experiences with cancer and your senior year have a HUGE silver lining around them!

  9. Hi Ella! I don't know you in person but I know both Noah and Maia. I just started reading this blog and I don't think I have ever seen anyone display such an inspirational attitude about anything!! Thanks and keep blogging:)